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  4. I don't have the car key

    My Steam Name: Bŗąγąŋ. | Oƈεą́ղε ? My Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:20524011 Hello, I have a problem, I use the VcMod addon, I can buy and sell a car it works But when I spawn the car, I'm not the key, the car belongs to world, I can not close it and open it Can you help me ? PS: When I spawn the car through the Q menu, it belongs to me I tested the garage plugin provided with nutscript and it does not work I'm sorry for my english mistake , i'm french
  5. Adding Commands to NS 1.1

    I got this to work on my own! The fix was in making the changes to the code as can be seen here: nut.command.add("lock", { adminOnly = true, onRun = function(client, arguments) local tr = client:GetEyeTrace() local ent = tr.Entity if IsValid( ent ) then ent:Fire( "Lock", "",0.1 ) end end }) nut.command.add("unlock", { adminOnly = true, onRun = function(client, arguments) local tr = client:GetEyeTrace() local ent = tr.Entity if IsValid( ent ) then ent:Fire( "Unlock", "", 0.1 ) end end })
  6. Hey, I'm Red

    I'm Red, a programmer-in-making and a gamer for about half of my life. I look forward to getting assistance from--and hopefully, in the future, giving assistance to--this community! Thanks for having me.
  7. Adding Commands to NS 1.1

    Your Steam Name: [LG] Red Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:43046251 I've been trying off and on to add commands to Nutscript via the sh_commands.lua file under the "core" directory in Nutscript 1.1, however the commands don't seem to be working in game. The commands I'm trying to add are "lock" and "unlock" to perform the titular actions on a door that the player is looking at. The code I have used is as follows: nut.command.add("lock", { adminOnly = true, local tr = LocalPlayer():GetEyeTrace(), local ent = tr.Entity, onRun = function(client, arguments) if IsValid( ent ) then ent:Fire( "Lock" ) end }) nut.command.add("unlock", { adminOnly = true, local tr = LocalPlayer():GetEyeTrace(), local ent = tr.Entity, onRun = function(client, arguments) if IsValid( ent ) then ent:Fire( "Unlock" ) end }) I'm not an experienced programmer, nor am I exactly new to the scene. I have experience with C#, and that's about it. In other words, my knowledge on this subject is limited, and I consequently can't find why this isn't working. There aren't exactly many guides out there, either. The message I get when attempting to fire the command is a notification in the top-right reading, "That command does not exist," or something of the like. Thanks in advance to anyone who can assist me!
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  9. Permanent Door Owner

    @Adail That is not possible at the moment. If you need that, you will need to code your own plugin for that. Regards, Pmx
  10. Character Creation Music

    This thread has been locked and moved. Reason: Solved.
  11. In-game Bodygroup/Skin Changer

    This thread has been locked and moved. Reason: Solved.
  12. CP F1 Menu Broken and CP's Unable to Open Doors

    This thread has been locked and moved. Reason: Solved.
  13. Stuck in First Person?

    @Ketteii Hello, No errors were reported so far that involved the quick menu. Have you tried to close it? If yes, what version of NutScript are you using and what schema are you using as a base for your own one? Regards, Pmx
  14. Class Usergroup

    @Brayan. In the class file just set CLASS.faction = FACTION_IFT where FACTION_IFT is your FACTION.index which is located in each faction file. For more information on classes usage, please check our official schema, Half-Life2: Serious Roleplay Regards, Pmx
  15. Hello, my name is Marvro. I would like to Introduce the released Forum and the soon released server "AxisForce." First Of All, I couldn't find any other section to post this thread plus I didn't saw any special section where people could introduce their servers. If I it's not allowed or I missed something out, then please delete this thread or move it. AxisForce is a ww2 based server. We just released the forum for it, because we wan't to take our time with the developing of our server In case you are already interested, here is the link to the Forum http://axispower.enjin.com/forum And To The Forum Introduction: http://axispower.enjin.com/forum/m/43715110/viewthread/31400055-introduction-to-axisforce/post/last#last We are trying to find new community members, we already gathered a few players that would play on the server, that are also interested in the RP-Theme and about WW2 in general. There could be some mistakes that we did, on the Forum or in the basic Introduction of our Forum, I hope you can forgive us If you should be interested, feel free to add me: http://steamcommunity.com/id/MurviMurvu/ For people who can't click on the URL for some reason or don't wan't to click on it, I will post the Thread right now here:
  16. Stuck in First Person?

    Hello, just have a quick question. Not the first time it's happened to me either, unfortunately. https://imgur.com/a/dLkY0 I may just be dumb, but I can't seem to find the way to get out of the quick menu and return to the overall menu, which allows switching between third and first person. Last time this occurred, I re-installed GMod as it's just the simplest method of solving, and it did, but I've done it again, and I don't know how to fix it. Thanks in advance for any help I get. (:
  17. CP F1 Menu Broken and CP's Unable to Open Doors

    Okay so with CP's not being able to open doors it was fucking Playable Piano overwriting some hook/function for nutscript. kms. I can fix the F1 issue by just changing the value of "SCHEMA.digitsLen" in sh_config (Line:62) whenever I restart the server. It's a strange botched way of fixing it, but it works good enough for my private server. If there is a better fix, please let me know.
  18. Your Steam Name: CarrotMist Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:41801799 A screenshot/paste of the error(s) you see in the server console: Addons/plugins/custom code you think may be causing the issue: No addons installed. Describe what happens as detailed as possible: So I just installed a fresh version of NS and HL2RP but the F1 menu seems broken if you're on a CP character and CP's can't open the nexus doors even after the doors are set to be faction owned by the Civil Protection. I'm using NS 1.1 and the updated version of HL2RP for 1.1, and there are no plugins on the server.
  19. Class Usergroup

    Hello I would like to make sure that a player must be in a group to join a class can someone help me?
  20. Resistance system

    Yes and then ? I dont give a **** if its simple or not, i uploaded that to help peoples who dont know how to code. And it's not kinda useless, cw have that so why no ns ?
  21. Character Creation Music

    @Adail You can upload the MP3 file to a webserver and then copy the path to it to the config tab. Example: If you upload the file to yourdomain.com/music/file.mp3, you will need to copy the URL and paste it in the config tab.
  22. Don't save the rename

    @neoengi This is not the correct section to ask for assistance. Please check our Support forum and describe your issue as detailed as possible so that we can look into it.
  23. Don't save the rename

    How do I write that,the rename don't save.
  24. Weapon upgrade

    It would be nice to rp servers, I think you should look at the nutscript wiki
  25. Flag and Entity Problem

    Hello. I am looking for help on a problem were with a flag I can make people spawn with a entity. This Entity is a jetpack which should auto equip. Any help? Entity: sent_jetpack Content Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=931376012
  26. Weapon upgrade

    I am new to coding lua and I would like some help with this code. I have seen other servers with nutscript that do this. So there is a base weapon with no attributes, just the model. Then, the player has to buy or craft a certain item (blade, crystal, hilt, etc.) and puts the item in the weapon to add a certain attribute. Is there somebody who could guide me through coding something like this for my server.
  27. Character Creation Music

    I know I edit that in the config tab, but where do I put the new mp3 file and what directory do I put in config tab?
  28. How do you actually play?

    @SNOWY Please be more specific about what you are trying to do. This is not the right section to ask questions. Moved to the discussions section.
  29. How do you actually play?

    I have been here for some min and i think i cant do shit cuz im stuck on one screen... some kind of rebel ship
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