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  1. Huh, well okay

    Oh lol that's true.
  2. Give flags based on rank?

    @TanoshiPlease show us the code that you made
  3. Give flags based on rank?

    local RankFlags = { "superadmin" = "flags", "admin" = "flags", "donator" = "flags", -- ... } function SCHEMA:AssignFlags(ply) local char = ply:getChar() local usergroup = ply:GetUserGroup() local rankflags = RankFlags[usergroup] if(rankflags != nil) then if(!char:hasFlags(rankflags)) then return char:giveFlags(rankflags) end end end
  4. NutScript Crashing Single Player Game

    Assuming solved,
  5. Dumb Question about Nutscript Code

    Assuming solved.
  6. Nutscript Vendors

    Closed and archived on request.
  7. Problem With SteamCMD

    He forgot to add +map before the map name, lol. We talked on steam. Closed.
  8. Small faction name problem.

    Try using function SCHEMA:OnCharCreated (character) on sv_hooks.lua
  9. Need help with 5 different things

    You can't change else and then put a condition, only elseif will work. Are you sure that all these factions are set up, and that is their enumeration?
  10. Getting Trash From Used Food/Drink Items

    It's because you wrote ITEM.uniqueid It's capital ID ITEM.uniqueID
  11. Getting Trash From Used Food/Drink Items

    no, use item.player you can literally see everything else there uses item.player
  12. All players using commands

    No answer after well above 48 hours, assuming solved.
  13. NutScript Crashing Single Player Game

    Try following this tutorial on how to install Nutscript and try again, it should work.
  14. Help with /beclass

    Oh, that's because for CPs you must change name, not class.