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  1. Remove Admins Giving Themselves Flags and Whitelists

    You should not edit the core files it should be done in a plugin so when the game mode is updated the edits are not lost but if you don't care and just want a fast change this way will work All commands are found in server\garrysmod\gamemodes\nutscript\gamemode\core\sh_commands.lua Change "adminOnly = true, " to "superAdminOnly = true, " Flaggive nut.command.add("flaggive", { superAdminOnly = true, syntax = "<string name> [string flags]", onRun = function(client, arguments) local target = nut.command.findPlayer(client, arguments[1]) if (IsValid(target) and target:getChar()) then local flags = arguments[2] if (!flags) then local available = "" -- Aesthetics~~ for k, v in SortedPairs(nut.flag.list) do if (!target:getChar():hasFlags(k)) then available = available..k end end return client:requestString("@flagGiveTitle", "@flagGiveDesc", function(text) nut.command.run(client, "flaggive", {target:Name(), text}) end, available) end target:getChar():giveFlags(flags) nut.util.notifyLocalized("flagGive", nil, client:Name(), target:Name(), flags) end end }) Player Whitelist nut.command.add("plywhitelist", { superAdminOnly = true, syntax = "<string name> <string faction>", onRun = function(client, arguments) local target = nut.command.findPlayer(client, arguments[1]) local name = table.concat(arguments, " ", 2) if (IsValid(target)) then local faction = nut.faction.teams[name] if (!faction) then for k, v in ipairs(nut.faction.indices) do if (nut.util.stringMatches(L(v.name, client), name) or nut.util.stringMatches(v.uniqueID, name)) then faction = v break end end end if (faction) then if (target:setWhitelisted(faction.index, true)) then for k, v in ipairs(player.GetAll()) do v:notifyLocalized("whitelist", client:Name(), target:Name(), L(faction.name, v)) end end else return "@invalidFaction" end end end })
  2. Nutscript Vendors

    Lock plz. A bad addon was braking them.
  3. Nutscript Vendors

    I have had to add all the vendors I have to the map after every restart. Is there a way to make them stay on the map and reload after a restart? I have looked in the data file and it shows them but after a restart, the vendors don't spawn. Is there a save command or anything else besides just spawning them in?
  4. All players using commands

    All players on my server are able to use all commands. even the ones that are super admin only. How would I start to fix this or what files are needed to get help?
  5. Drop items out of inventory on death

    Steam Name: FLASHtheSTROBE Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:87370666 I am trying to make a plugin that drops items out of the player's inventory. I want it to drop items that are not Weapons or Books <----- "books from the books plugin " I have it now where it drops everything that is not a weapon. I don't know how I would make it so books don't drop. Or how to stop an item from dropping by its uniqueID function PLUGIN:PlayerDeath( client ) local items = client:getChar():getInv():getItems() for k, item in pairs( items ) do if item.isWeapon then print ("bla") else nut.item.spawn( item.uniqueID, client:GetShootPos() ) item:remove() end end end