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  1. SteamCMD Issues

    Update: Ran into this error when messing around with some more items. [ERROR] gamemodes/respite/entities/entities/nut_item.lua:147: attempt to call field 'getName' (a nil value) 1. onDrawEntityInfo - gamemodes/respite/entities/entities/nut_item.lua:147 2. unknown - gamemodes/nutscript/gamemode/core/hooks/cl_hooks.lua:439
  2. SteamCMD Issues

    Hi again. I'm going to post the errors I've been getting here. since I probably wont be active when the response comes in. Keep in mind, this happens with every weapon, not just the ACR. [ERROR] gamemodes/nutscript/gamemode/core/libs/cl_markup.lua:314: 'nutItemDescFont' isn't a valid font 1. SetFont - [C]:-1 2. parse - gamemodes/nutscript/gamemode/core/libs/cl_markup.lua:314 3. onDrawEntityInfo - gamemodes/respite/entities/entities/nut_item.lua:171 4. unknown - gamemodes/nutscript/gamemode/core/hooks/cl_hooks.lua:439 [LOG] Freelok tried 'take' to item 'ACR'(#67) [LOG] Freelok tried 'Custom' to item 'ACR'(#67) Attempted to create unknown entity type acr! NULL Ent in GiveNamedItem! I'm not really certain what the issue here is, as I haven't edited the Nutscript framework at all. I'm going to include the files in a number of pastebins below; https://pastebin.com/KymjmifA- cl_inventory.lua[\garrysmod\gamemodes\respite\schema\derma] https://pastebin.com/kfxmV74x- cl_markup.lua[\garrysmod\gamemodes\nutscript\gamemode\core\libs] https://pastebin.com/zhqQHrXv- nut_item.lua[\garrysmod\gamemodes\respite\entities\entities] https://pastebin.com/DsimZzHQ-cl_hooks.lua[\garrysmod\gamemodes\nutscript\gamemode\core\hooks] https://pastebin.com/JG4ee1aS-The aforementioned ACR file- keep in mind, this has happens with every weapon, and there are 220 of them located within the weapon file. How the location of the files look. The ACR and all others are located in 'weapons'. Thank you in advance! I understand if you're unable to help me out, but I'd appreciate all you can do!
  3. SteamCMD Issues

    I forget to mention; (Was an edit but I'm unable to edit it now) I should note that I have addons installed and they are not conflicting with anything within the schema. Also, I was playing around with a friend of mine on my server, and whenever he died he was stuck orbiting his corpse in third person and had to relog everytime he died (Which was often). Is that a common issue, and if so, is there a possible fix for me to perform? Thanks again!
  4. SteamCMD Issues

    @Pmx Hi! Thank you for your response, first of all. Let me start this off by saying I installed ULX and I now have control over the privileges. However, I've encountered numerous errors within the schema I've been using (Keep in mind, it is a custom schema and not official) dealing with item bases. Would you like me to post the errors here, or is your help not able to extend that far? (Note: The weapons base the server uses creates the weapons, yet renders then un-equip-able. I replaced the weapon with the M9K weapons addon and they worked perfectly.)
  5. SteamCMD Issues

    Update: This morning I tried a fresh install of a server and a fresh install of nutscript, and, wallah!- I'm now able to play on the varying schemas. However, I'm running into an issue now which I am not sure of. The server now running, it seems I have no administrative abilities on the 'Respite' schema (I understand if there is no way for you guys to help me here), and I was wondering if this is because I needed to manually give myself administrator, and if so, how? On a side note; This is a fresh installation without any workshop addons. I'll try to mess around with ULX, but I'm still curious as to why I am getting these errors. If anyone could help me, it'd be greatly appreciated!
  6. SteamCMD Issues

    Hi! Recently, I've been attempting to host my own server via SteamCMD to mess around in some Nutscript Schemas. At first, the server worked fine on Sandbox and I was able to move around freely and frolic around like I normally would be. I installed Nutscript correctly (I hope) and then went on to install the custom schema, "Respite", as I played on a server with it before and found it interesting. This is where the issues began, however. So, at first, everything is normal. A few of the addons don't load up properly but that doesn't really bother me that much. However, the errors start soon after. Directly after the workshop addons are processed, I begin to get errors. (Note: I was attempting to run HL2RP on my server seeing if Respite was the problem. However, the problem persisted with both schemas.) My server is not port-forwarding and uses SQL-Lite, by, the way. Anyways, I get the errors "cfg/trusted_keys_base.txt and cfg/pure_server_minimal.txt. I'm not good at coding what-so-ever, so I have no idea what either of these mean. There's also the issue with the 'Serverside streaming API' but I don't think that matters that much. The addon 'leotank', as well as wiremod, are added correcty, and SQLite is loaded up correctly. However, I then get the error 'Trying to create entities too early! (prop_physics) followed by the E2 extensions list. Under that, there is the 'Trying to create entities too early!' again, this time accompanied by (prop_physics). After that, I got this slew of terror. The elephant in the room, the 'SCHEMA' error, shows up immediately. I then assume the server.cfg may be fucked, as it says that the Nav file is 'wrong or something'. Apart from that, though, the server then starts up. While in the server I get this error, in my state of being unable to do anything. This persisted with both HL2RP and Respite. This is what I see when trying to load into the server. This, and only this. I can't do anything else asides from eternally wait. So, is there any possible fix for this slew of errors? I'd really like to get to messing around with some Nutscript schemas, and this is a really, REALLY big annoyance. Thanks, in advance, for whoever gets around to helping!