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  1. Permanent Door Owner

    @Adail That is not possible at the moment. If you need that, you will need to code your own plugin for that. Regards, Pmx
  2. Character Creation Music

    This thread has been locked and moved. Reason: Solved.
  3. In-game Bodygroup/Skin Changer

    This thread has been locked and moved. Reason: Solved.
  4. CP F1 Menu Broken and CP's Unable to Open Doors

    This thread has been locked and moved. Reason: Solved.
  5. Stuck in First Person?

    @Ketteii Hello, No errors were reported so far that involved the quick menu. Have you tried to close it? If yes, what version of NutScript are you using and what schema are you using as a base for your own one? Regards, Pmx
  6. Class Usergroup

    @Brayan. In the class file just set CLASS.faction = FACTION_IFT where FACTION_IFT is your FACTION.index which is located in each faction file. For more information on classes usage, please check our official schema, Half-Life2: Serious Roleplay Regards, Pmx
  7. Character Creation Music

    @Adail You can upload the MP3 file to a webserver and then copy the path to it to the config tab. Example: If you upload the file to yourdomain.com/music/file.mp3, you will need to copy the URL and paste it in the config tab.
  8. Don't save the rename

    @neoengi This is not the correct section to ask for assistance. Please check our Support forum and describe your issue as detailed as possible so that we can look into it.
  9. How do you actually play?

    @SNOWY Please be more specific about what you are trying to do. This is not the right section to ask questions. Moved to the discussions section.
  10. Happy Holidays!

    NUTSCRIPT - HAPPY HOLIDAYS Dear member, The NutScript staff team wishes you happy holidays. May you be around those you love and be able to follow your dreams! May you get many gifts and may you be healthy, strong and determined! NutScript has been around for years now and it is our duty, our job, to keep developing it, in order to ensure it can be used by anyone and everyone! We will continue to work hard to assist you with your needs. Therefore, next year we will probably have some surprises for you. What is important is that you keep supporting us like you have been doing until this day, because with you we would be nothing. A dot in the imense universe. We would like you to remember this project was created not for the money, as we are open source, but to ensure everyone can create an unique roleplay server with an unique storyline without needing to code much. Leave that to us! Me? I have grown up with NutScript. In fact it was with it that I learned to code LUA and it has been amazing so far to be part of this community. This project that was dead for almost two years will now rise again as one of the best frameworks Garry's Mod has ever seen and we look forward to work side by side with you to ensure we reach our goals! Finally, the future awaits for us! We shall thrive among the Garry's Mod community. Expect news soon! Our kindest regards, The NutScript Staff Team!
  11. CityRP Schema

    @Dev Please create a new thread under our support forum so that our team can assist you properly! Remember to describe the issue as detailed as possible!
  12. Setting Lowered Fists On Join

    @Gravity Cat It should come by default unless you used CityRP schema as a base.
  13. Typing Text Issue

    @Gravity Cat Thank you! This will be investigated.
  14. CityRP Schema

    @Dev Here it is: https://github.com/rebel1324/CityRP
  15. Remove Admins Giving Themselves Flags and Whitelists

    This thread has been locked and moved. Correct Answer.