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  1. CP F1 Menu Broken and CP's Unable to Open Doors

    Okay so with CP's not being able to open doors it was fucking Playable Piano overwriting some hook/function for nutscript. kms. I can fix the F1 issue by just changing the value of "SCHEMA.digitsLen" in sh_config (Line:62) whenever I restart the server. It's a strange botched way of fixing it, but it works good enough for my private server. If there is a better fix, please let me know.
  2. Your Steam Name: CarrotMist Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:41801799 A screenshot/paste of the error(s) you see in the server console: Addons/plugins/custom code you think may be causing the issue: No addons installed. Describe what happens as detailed as possible: So I just installed a fresh version of NS and HL2RP but the F1 menu seems broken if you're on a CP character and CP's can't open the nexus doors even after the doors are set to be faction owned by the Civil Protection. I'm using NS 1.1 and the updated version of HL2RP for 1.1, and there are no plugins on the server.