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  1. Happy Holidays!

  2. Resistance system

    its just an attribute which reduces damage taken, its kinda useless to have on this site considering how simple it is (like a few lines of simple code)
  3. pac parts without items/equipping

    I want to set a piece of pac data or a 'part' onto a character. But I don't want to have an anything equipped or an item. For example, when the character loads they are given a hat because they have the "H" flag. How can I modify or use the pac plugin to do something like this? I see theres partWear and also addPart but ive struggled to get any result
  4. New Nutscript-based Project Looking for Developers

    its probably a good idea to explain the project, there are literally 100s of jobs like urs why do u think ull get applicants with a vague description
  5. The Future

    I don't know why a rework would be needed, I would probably prefer more documentation on the current nutscript. Some plugins are hard for me to follow without much infomation.
  6. Vendor plugin issue

    Here are steps to replicate the issue 1. Buy a gun from a vendor 2. Equip the gun 3. Sell the gun back to the vendor Gun is removed from inventory but remains equipped on the character
  7. The Future

    Is there a release date for S&Box?