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Ban Appeal Format

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Banned users have a chance to appeal for their ban in case they think it was unfairly issued by a staff member. We have zero tollerance when someone breaks the community rules and will always act in order to prevent that. Therefore, banned users that were fairly banned will not be unbanned in any circunstances.


If you think you were banned but you are sure you did nothing wrong, create a new thread in this section of the website and add the following fields in there with the relevant and necessary information to make your case:


Your steam name:

Your steamID:


The place where you were banned (Garry's Mod, Forums or Discord):


Reason as to why you were banned:

Ban length:

Staff member that issued the ban (tag them using @):


Reason as to why you think you should be unbanned:

Evidence to support your case (screenshots, videos, etc):

Witnesses that may support your case (tag them using @):



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