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A Introductions To Something Different

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Hello, my name is Marvro. I would like to Introduce the released Forum and the soon released server "AxisForce."


First Of All, I couldn't find any other section to post this thread plus I didn't saw any special section where people could introduce their servers.

If I it's not allowed or I missed something out, then please delete this thread or move it.


AxisForce is a ww2 based server.

We just released the forum for it, because we wan't to take our time with the developing of our server :)

In case you are already interested, here is the link to the Forum


And To The Forum Introduction:



We are trying to find new community members, we already gathered a few players that would play on the server, that are also interested in the RP-Theme and about WW2 in general.

There could be some mistakes that we did, on the Forum or in the basic Introduction of our Forum, I hope you can forgive us :)


If you should be interested, feel free to add me:  http://steamcommunity.com/id/MurviMurvu/



For people who can't click on the URL for some reason or don't wan't to click on it, I will post the Thread right now here:


What is AxisForce?

Welcome to AxisForce, owned by Murv and Baron. We are a Second World War era serious roleplay server set during the Allied invasion of occupied France, 1944. We are trying to re-create what it was like for German Soldiers - Wehrmacht and SS alike - during the defense of occupied Europe and ultimately the Reich itself. We are trying to feature a realistic command structure, ranks, medals, vehicles and more - we aim to realistically re-create a German battalion's struggle against the rapidly advancing allies. We won'tbe that harsh on players, like in any other very serious servers. Our server tries to help new-comers good as possible. AxisForce tries to offor more than passive roleplay, with short events, mini-events or even big events, we are trying to give the player a good and nice experience! Even tho, trouble might come form nowhere. We are trying our best. We are not using the In-Game Voice Chat, doing the un-serious conversation that people have, also because some people couldn't see the difference sometimes when someone was IC or OOC while speaking over the Voice-Chat. AxisForce will try to have not much content as possible, because that also scares people off, more likely people don't enjoy a long download time. It has also another reason, that due the much content, the server might crash often or addons might corrupt each other.


Playable Factions


The Wehrmacht

The Wehrmacht was the unified armed forces of Nazi Germany from 1935 to 1946. It consisted of the Heer, the Kriegsmarine and the Luftwaffe. The Wehrmacht in our server mainly consists of the ground forces of the Heer and possibly some Luftwaffe support in the background.



The Waffen-SS

Founded in 1933, the Waffen-SS was the armed wing of the Nazi Party's SS organisation. Its formations included men from Nazi Germany, along with volunteers and conscripts from both occupied and un-occupied lands. It is the elite fighting force of the German Armed Forces which utilizes brutal and terror tactics to secure victory.


Prove Yourself - Medals

Medals, such as the Knights Cross, are awarded to soldiers who have shown bravery, courage, and more on the battlefield. You may awarded any medals that were awarded on the western front from 1940-1944, sometimes for reasons that soldiers can't always explain. Regardless, as the war progresses your character(s) will slowly become more decorated, distinguishing yourself amongst other men. Medals are awarded, for soldier's that done something that can't be expected from every soldier in battle! "The More Medals, The More Respect."


Player VS AI

Yes, we will be fighting against Computers (NPC)
Because the player base wouldn't be enough to maintain two factions, for now anyway. If we would do PVP now, the teams would be unbalanced. We would offer two playable Factions (USA/UK VS Nazi Germany). A stable player base of, we assume, 20-25 Players would be enough. At least 20 Players.
That doesn't mean, if the 20 player mark is reached that there we will add the UK faction right away. A Stable player base. Meaning at least around 20-25 players for a month or two.



Of course, we are trying to get each perfect rank the perfect uniform.
We are trying to have the right uniform that has been worn during that time-period.
There might be some mistakes, but keep in mind we don't have any custom models we can make/use.
We have to stick with those that are on the workshop.



Sure you can give us feedback or suggestions! We have a special section for that. We would love to hear your ideas, but not in a commanding way. After we have read your suggestion in the thread, our team will talk about it and maybe even message you in private and asking some questions on how you would see it and how you want to see it working out in the future. Suggestions should make sense but also fit to the whole scenario that we are in!



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