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Application Format

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There are several ways you can help our community to improve. One of them is becoming a staff member in it. We look for the best moderators, administrators and developers to integrate the team.


In order to proceed, you will need to create your own application. We encourage you to create something unique and yet serious so that we can see your potential. However you will also be given a format in case you wish to just fill in the required fields.


Your application will show us who you are and what you want to do inside the community. So when creating it, please consider the format, the design and other relevant things you use.


Furthermore, when applying you will be able to choose which team you will want to integrate: NutScript Developers, Administration or Support.




Your Steam Name:

Your SteamID:


The Team you want to be part of:


From 0 to 10 how do you rate your NutScript's experience? Explain.


Why are you applying for this position? Be descriptive.



[Developers Only]


Your github/bitbucket link:


What languages are you familiar with?



Thank you for your time,

"Your Name"




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