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Respite Schema

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Well this post is finally showing up for me again so I'll just paste the readme on the github here.


This schema has been being worked on for a long time, that being the case it has a lot of older and deprecated plugins. The file structure will also be a bit disorganized. This is mainly being uploaded so that other Nutscript developers can use what they want from it, or learn from some of the stuff it does to do whatever. You should not attempt to run a server the same as mine, and instead change the schema's name and run it with a different storyline.

Do not expect me to fix too many minor bugs, especially in plugins that I did not create. This will be updated infrequently, usually only after I implement a decent amount of content.

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How i can use the gathering plugin? Give me a example please!


/gatheraddspawn <string entity> <string table>


Idk what to put in table.

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